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Traders, Guns & Money: Knowns and unknowns in the dazzling world of derivatives

Category: Books

“I had been in derivatives for over 25 years. Many traders hadn't been born when I stumbled accidentally into the arcane world of derivatives trading. The Indonesians were at the fag end of that career. How did I get there? I had followed the money. I had ridden the tide and currents of financial markets. I had not known very much then. Even now I only knew the many unknowns. How did I get here? It was a very long story. Send Traders, Guns and Money is that story…..”

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Engrossing, Educational Entertainment
This is a thoroughly entertaining, enlightening and educational journey through the somewhat arcane world of derivatives. With 25 years in the business and already an accomplished author of numerous technical books you can trust Satyajit Das knows what he is talking about. Through his vast experience Satyajit is able to provide us with an expert witness account of the many people involved in derivative deals, the pitfalls encountered and some of the major events in the market caused by derivatives.

He mixes some high profile events such as the bankruptcy of Orange County with his own scintillating stories. I loved his analogy between derivatives and the infamous Donald Rums field known unknowns speech. It is this wry, comic writing style which I feel differentiates him from some of the other traders turned authors. He has successfully switched genres from his usual technical books, proving his versatile writing skills.

I have to admit, at first I found his lengthy explanations difficult to plough through, he goes into great detail on certain deals and derivative products but I eventually found myself understanding more and getting to know the unknowns. It did took me longer to read then some of the other financial books but various hilarious anecdotes with colourful characters broke up the complex technicalities.

I have to express slight disappointment in some typo’s or misprints I found in the book. Ultimately I feel the publishers Financial Times/Prentice Hall are to blame for these and hope they do not distract readers from Satyajit’s wonderful and fun journey into this obscure world.

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