BEST Service Out There by FAR!

A Review by udreview

After trying multiple trading services when I first got started, I finally stumbled across Investors Underground and I couldn't be more happy about it!

I tried quite a few services, and while none of them were bad, they didn't really align with my needs. I found others to be a bit slow and boring at times. Here are the things I like about Investors Underground:

1. It's HIGHLY Active - As someone who is by their computer at all times during market hours, I wanted to be surrounded by other people who were trading as actively as I intended to be. Now, I'm not a professional by any means, but I wasn't a big fan of other rooms where the "guru" placed a couple trades a day and sent out email alerts. The IU chat room has a ton of great alerts throughout the day and I really like having the option to trade all of these different stocks.

2. Broad range of stocks - When I first started trading, I found myself focusing on mostly OTC stocks. I was initially drawn to IU because they had an OTC room, which is where I would spend most of my time. Eventually, the OTC market slowed down so I found myself starting to mess around with NASDAQs. There is so much to learn from all of the traders in that room! Nate's watch lists consist of all different kinds of stocks. I don't trade all of them because I'm still more focused on lower priced stocks, but I like that there is a variety of options. I also like that there are multiple chat rooms (OTC, Swing, and momentum). For the most part, I am in the momentum room, but occassionally Ill focus more on swing trading if Im busy with other work. Michele runs the swing trading room and she is incredibly helpful as well!

3. Trade recaps - The video lessons help a lot. Not only do they help show you Nate's methodology in a more vivid format, but they also allow you to compare your trades to his and get some feedback on what you may have done right or wrong.

4. Great insights - Whenever I'm watching one of the "hot stocks" for the day, I always find myself checking in on chat to learn from others trading the same ticker. My goal isn't simply to copy these traders, but it's helpful to see how more experienced traders are handling a move. There is not just one "guru" mod in this room. There are plenty of successful traders who all have unique styles, so there is always something new to learn.

5. Willingness to help - Honestly, this one surprised me the most. I figured that with how many people there were in the room, it would be difficult to get a response from one of the moderators. During the first couple weeks of joining, I would occasionally PM Nate asking for his insight on my trading plans and he would always respond! That alone may have saved me a few hundred dollars! For the most part, I like to focus on improving my own trading and im not looking for someone to spoonfeed me trades, but it's nice to know there is a support system in place.

Overall, I would say that IU is the place to be if you are an aspiring trader who wants to figure things out on your own with available support when needed. I don't come into chat waiting for Nate to make trades that I can replicate. I focus on my own trading and go to chat for new ideas, extra insights, or when I have a specific question about a trade. IU is really more of an education resource/community for me.

I see a variety of different reviews here and I can only assume its because everyone has different expectations for the service. If you're looking to become a pro trader over night by piggybacking off of the trades of others, you're in the wrong place. If you understand that trading is a constant learning process, IU is the service to aid you on your journey.