great room

A Review by drillerdan

So I subscribe to investorslive back in late 2013 on the monthly plan, after a month or two and once I was getting the hang of how Nate trades I went with the full year, now I am mid way into the 2nd year and thought I should leave my thoughts on the room.
#1 there is a no nonsense rule no pumping just realtime alerts. They also added the “only if you are a consistently profitable trader” clause that really quiets the noise.
#2 Nate is a active trader, you can follow an idea he gives out but you will have to listen as he will spell out the idea rather than “bot at .123 you can all follow me now” like most of the lessor newsletters do.
#3 I subscribed to investors Underground Elite (with video lessons) I highly recommend all newer traders do the same as this is soo helpful and educational if you want to learn how to trade. Also they do webinars where you can get your questions answered.
#4 Sorry this is not a room where the leaders scalp the new blood for pennies each and ever day, if that is what you are looking for try elsewhere.
#5 Last and possibly the best is this is the chatroom some of the big traders use, and once in a wile they will give an idea you better “listen” to…. I did not say you should follow.

Good Luck trading