Very Professional

A Review by mw92101

I like the service as it is not an alert service, but one where serious traders make value added observations of chart developments. They don't explain the chart or how to trade the chart, that is what the videos, blogs, and webinars are for. If you need to ask a lot of questions during the day it may be difficult to get a response when there is serious trading going on, but I don't really know since I've only asked a few questions from Nate and another moderator and they both responded with what I had already studied in the other things I mentioned above, but it was a helpful reminder. And, taking time out of their day when they are focused on trading is viewed as a privilege by me as I know that trading takes focus. I find serious professional value in this room as I'm a member or 3 other chatrooms and have not written reviews on them as I don't feel compelled to do so as here and they are somehow ranked higher on this website than IU. C'est la vie I guess. If you are a total newbie, it is best to watch and learn in this room as you will learn a lot. If you're trying to repeat the success of pro traders who have been doing it for years right out of the gate, you will not succeed anywhere. I gave a low entertainment score because this isn't a "chatty" room during market hours, it is a focused trading room. After hours, there is plenty of chat for new traders to talk. Good luck