Best place to invest in your trading education.

A Review by SimonGhandil

I've been in other chat rooms before, and the IU Chat tops them all. In every other chat, you would blindly follow somebody else's alert, and hope you don't get dumped on. You are surrounded by some of the world's best traders, all open to help you out (if you PM them of course).

The chat room is strict, but thats one of the best things about it. No extra noise, from 9-4 we're trying to make money & helping each other do it. Its better to run a tight ship than a loose one.

You don't get e-mails, text messages or any other crap saying what their position is in whatever stock. You get Nates alerts real time in the chat, but its not a "i'm making this trade, follow" its a " i'm making this trade because of this reason, and if you follow I expect you to know the reason for this trade and the risk." Nate teaches you how to trade for yourself, and thats another highlight of this chat.