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A Review by johnnyp410

Dear Jason,

I wanted to send my thanks and detail my experience in thus far.

Please feel free to cut and paste my words as you will for marketing or whatever purposes you wish.

All my life I have dreamed of working for "me". After nearly 20 years in various management and sales positions, and the last 12 in pharmaceutical sales, I was so ready for a change. It seemed at times no matter how good I performed, either I wasn't always rewarded accordingly or the metrics for incentives were stacked against me resulting in a constant uphill battle. The instability of the pharmaceutical sales industry in recent years goes without saying, and I had been "downsized", "reallocated" and had my geography absorbed three times in five years. I was a mess, mentally and physically. My marriage was feeling the strain and I found myself without energy for my two beautiful girls and wife after work, and even after behind laid off the last time. Depression had set in. Something had to change. How could I gain control of my life and reap the rewards of my work ethic and
abilities? I was at a crossroads in life and the stress of how to make a decent living and somehow try and put away for retirement seemed a million miles away from possible.

After my last company was bought out and the sales force dissolved, I began exploring the world of trading. I'd always been a CNBC and Bloomberg "gym rat" if you will, and very interested in more serious trading, but never could justify the exorbitant cost of learning programs and trading services because I was confident the value would match the return on my investment.

Then I stumbled upon and my world changed!

I have been positively overwhelmed by many aspects of your service Jason, and equally impressed by your person. I see honesty, a passionate desire to teach and to help others, and altruism very rarely seen in the world. Not to mention in the stock market! These traits in conjunction with your ability to clearly disseminate the swing trading techniques and analysis in the videos and illustrations still leaves me amazed and overjoyed today. I still find it difficult to fathom how much you shortened my learning curve!

I subscribed in June of 2013, learning, paper trading, and dabbling in an old IRA to get my feet wet. In July, I began trading full-time, with a $15,000 cash account. Jason, in less than one month, utilizing your teachings, I am up to $27,000! That's 77%+!!!

I have made 27 trades thus far in July, with 24 for profit. One of my losses was because I chased a daytrade and didn't follow your rules. One other was a trade to to clear liquid for trades in LQMT which netted me nearly $5,000! The other loss, was $.02 :)

I know a 77% return is likely not sustainable, but the most important thing is this: You have provided me the freedom and confidence to run my own life, and start planning for a very bright future, for me and my family. And that my friend, is what life is all about to me.

I am a living example that learning your techniques and making sound decisions (combined admittedly with a little bit of luck) can result in dreams coming true!

Best Regards,

John Pesch
(screen name: johnnyp410)

"Three weeks of utilizing watch list recommendations just paid for my oldest daughter's first semester of college!"

p.s. I am able to take my family on a vacation for the first time in years because of your service! I love you, man!