Awesome service and experience

A Review by liketotrade

Ok lets see where too start. Reading some other reviews I will start by saying that Jason's alerts do move when they are alerted. There are a lot of people following him so this is expected, it is an alert service. Jason and the moderators do preach not to chase the stock price. If it moves up fast on the alert play the retrace. 9 out of 10 times this strategy allows me to get in near the alert or sometimes even better. If you want to get the same % rate of return as J you have to follow all his trades. If you only pick one or two and those happen to be the losing trades then you will be down. The education provided is second to none. Some training is done by video and others are done live in chat. There are people everyday in chat that follows the day trade moderator Luke. There are so many winners on a daily basis, of course all are not winners the vast majority are closed for profit. You see evidence of that in chat every day. winners and losers are posted by all moderators. They don't give out stops as they say this is up to each person as everyone has a different threshold for stops. I have been with Jason well over a year and his service is always getting better as they add new perks, the next one to be added from what we were told in chat was a members stock forum similar to yahoo finance. Another thing I really like is no cursing is allowed in the main chat, makes it really nice as some people can ruin nice boards with their language. All I can suggest is if you want to swing trade or day trade give the service a try hang out in chat and if you are a new trader start with paper trading and that really helps build your confidence