So happy I found JB!!

A Review by GranDeb

I really appreciate Jason Bond Picks. I am a grandma who is looking to retire at the end of this year to spend more time with my husband who is retired. I want to replace my part time income of $40,000 per year. So, my goal is $4,000 per month thinking that we will travel a little and I will not always be able to make that target. So far – January over $12,000, February over $15,000. ( started in the middle of December and had no idea what I was doing and still made $1,700).

I am caught in a couple of trades right now, all my own fault as my entries are always a little behind JB and I don't always move fast enough as I get the info at work. Having said that, I could never do this on my own and very happy with the JBP service and the continuous improvement that JB brings to it. This newest improvement will fit me to a tee.

Sometimes I see he get miffed at some people in chat – and I hope that he does not decide he has made enough money and this is too much hassle for at least another year. It will take me that long to be confident on my own. Those guys are jokers and want everything for free without spending the time to learn! I say just kick them out of chat and keep going! Some of us are happy learning how to make informed trades rather than just mirror trades. I'm in with JB for the distance.