Amazing Service and a True Gift

A Review by bronen

I have been a member of Jason Bond Picks for about 6 months. While I am still learning how to trade like Jason, while at work, I find myself making smarter and better decisions about my trades. I joined this service because I have been through dozens of other sites and don't get the care, attention, and thoughtfulness as I do with Jason. I appreciate the chat room that is simply about trades and helping each other. No degrading each other, swearing, or anything out of the ordinary. Just good clean help from the moderators and others in the room. I am someone that works and needs additional income to pay for bills, mortgage, and other expenses, so this service is helping me tremendously. The newsletters are the best I've seen yet. Honest, detailed, and simple for the person who is not able to trade all day long. I recommend this highly and will probably never stop being a paid member.

Thank you Jason!