A Review by TRADE4FUN

I’m Erwin and based in Switzerland. I joined this service on 31 December 2012 (as a New Year present to myself!).

I had been watching this website for over 6 months already and liked it a lot. It just never happened to sign up due to other stuff.

Anyway I’m glad I took the decision to join and I knew it would be good.

Here is my story of using this service:

I had a very rough start because I seemed to do it all wrong. Restudying your material over and over allowed me to get back on track and my 20% loss of the first month was break even by end of February.

Today was my best day ever (of course the markets played a bit in my favor as well) but still I realized today the following profits:

NUGT: + 0.49 +4,900
SKUL: + 0.26 +2,600
ACI: + 0.21 +2,100
MCP: +0.24 +2,400

That is a rounded $12,000!! I’m done for today. They will not take anything back today!

I’m still in GEVO and will hold on to that.

So today I’m in large profit even if I take out my subscription for the next two years!

I learned so much in two months and am really thankful for that.

My preferred lesson so far:

It is not an issue losing on a trade what matters is HOW YOU GET BACK!

Thanks a lot Jason and I wish you many happy customers like me!

Best regards