Become an Independent Trader

A Review by JesseA

I’ve been a member for half a year and can say that Jason Bond Pick’s is the resource an investor needs who contemplates taking investing into his or her hands instead of turning over money to an investment firm. Between technical candle chart analysis, the emphasis on finding catalysts, and the constant scouting for oversold/continuation/ and breakout patterns, the system succeeds together to educate and empower one to make stock and option plays that are based solidly on swing trade fundamentals taught in the service.

The service is also different as no moderator touts stocks as others incorrectly assume. If a stock is being vetted as a swing trade its potential will be explained by a chart analysis along with discussing the impact of future catalysts. There's no investing on whims here. This is a group full of serious traders looking to made consistent cheddar and who hold the right perspective on the learning curve required to beat Wall Street.

The system has worked for me +$15,000 net for the month of September. I believe it can work for you as well.