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US Global Investors

Category: Websites
U.S Global Investors, Inc. is an investment management firm specializing in gold, natural resources, emerging markets and global infrastructure opportunities around the world.
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Top notch research team
I discovered these guys in 2006 and they are awesome. Frank Holmes is the CEO/CIO. He's a seasoned veteran of the markets and really knows the business.

The company ticker symbol is GROW. They also have a number of managed funds to invest in too.

IMO, these guys are the best when it comes to researching and investing in the metals, energy, and emerging markets. They frequently provide free webcasts with slideshows where they feature research by their own people and others such as Casey Research, Marc Faber, and others.

I highly recommend checking out their archived researched webcasts on their website and getting their free weekly Investor Alert podcast via iTunes or their website.

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ShiraKashi New Bremen, OH

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