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I discovered TFNN in 2006. After being in the markets for a year I wanted to learn technical analysis. They have several radio show/podcasts available via iTunes and the TFNN website.

1. Basil Chapman, host of "The Tiger Technician's Hour"

Basil is a trend & momentum trader and a real gentleman. I don't use his Chapman Wave Methodology, but I utilize the same approach with momentum indicators. Basil has done outstanding every year, in with the uptrends and out or short during the bear periods like 2008. He doesn't fight the market.

2. Ed Young, host of "The Futures Hour"

Ed is with MF Global and focuses on commodities. He has made absolutely tremendous calls on copper, gold, and oil in particular the past years. He also doesn't fight the market and says "trade with your head and not over it".

Both of these men are great at responding to e-mail questions and ideas from listeners.

3. Tom O' Brien host of "The Tom O' Brien Show and founder of TFNN

Tom has a great gold report subscription and knows that sector extremely well. However, he has a very specific system for calling the market using volume. That's a problem when the volume is running in a trend and momentum but the volume doesn't meet his criteria. I've seen him bearish and fighting the markets for months at a time in 2007 & 2009.

4. Bud Rolfs, host of "The Opening Growl"

Bud does some great work with channels and follows Tom's volume approach. However, I have seen this guy fight the market stubbornly in 2007 & 2009, which was the last straw for me. He will take a stance and won't bend, fighting the trend because the volume didn't go how he says it should have.

The shows I listen to are:

Basil Chapman, Ed Young and the interviews Tom does with Ed Young & Kate Stalter from IBD (Investor's Business Daily). I had to finally stop listening to Bud & Tom in August 2009 because after following their wrong bearish calls in 2007 and again in 2009, they were still bearish and wrong on the markets and was confusing me and costing me opportunities.

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This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials.com member and not of Investimonials LLC.
ShiraKashi New Bremen, OH

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