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SMB Training Foundation

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The SMB Foundation is a structured five week training program. Daily lesson plans have been crafted for each trading day to teach the trading skills and trading plays necessary for a powerful trading foundation. Every minute of every day has been planned out, allowing a trader to work through the SMB Foundation like a trader would at SMB Capital. Traders are given a full two months (60 days) to finish the five week course, which will allow traders with heavier schedules to work through the material at a pace best for them. All of this was created for our NYC proprietary traders and is now made available to you. Signup
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old strategies that do not work
Old strategies that do not work. I came in house trained with them and there "prop" desk. I got to meet a few of the traders and we even went out for some beers. I felt that the strategies they were teaching didn't make much sense. I asked a few of the prop traders and they all said none of them work. We trade complete different then they teach. I asked about the two partners and how they use these strategies and make money. I was told both Mike and Steve have not made money in years and that I just wasted over 5k.

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