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Category: Websites
To facilitate effective information delivery, QuoteMedia has created an advanced, scalable model that aggregates, manages, and streams information to multiple entities, from the major exchanges in the US, Canada, and Europe, and from many other market content suppliers. This allows corporate clients as well as their customers to license comprehensive financial market information and software applications for significantly reduced costs compared to the expensive and outdated infrastructures from other providers.
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"Excellent" My Go To Site
This is the best stock quote service out there. The information you get from this site you cant even get from a paid service or even your own broker. They have pre-market and after hours info for all exchanges including OTCs and even TSX. A very broad and detailed sector index for both the US & Canada. Recent and upcoming IPO information for all exchanges including OTC and Canadian IPOs. They've got charts, in depth Level 2 with time and sales, detailed options info and historical prices, calendars, news, earnings, insiders, full company filings i can go on and on. They also have forex and futures info. Quotemedia has more to offer than both the WSJ and Nasdaq websites combined. The best part is that its all free and offered in a very detailed, clean and no-nonsense layout. Also keep in mind that the information is for all exchanges in both the US and Canada. "ONLY FOR THE VERY SERIOUS TRADER/INVESTOR".

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Aurinica21 MIAMI, FL

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