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Pit Trades

Category: Websites
The Trading Family provides a range of training services and live trade-with-the-trader trading floors. Our mission is to educate people in safe and responsible trading methods and to help build communities and families of traders working together to develop trading skills and generate profits.
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Super Trader and Super Human
The price to join The Trading Family is actually quite ridiculous. I have never seen a service that offers so much for so little. Initial education, a wealth of stored information/webinars, daily live market trading/study, continued mentoring…I’m not sure when she sleeps.

Leigh does not hide that you cannot become successful overnight, and that is one of the reasons the course is twelve months long, with opportunities to earn as you learn. I joined Pit Trades in July 2010 and it was the best decision I made in my two year trading journey.

It is a huge confidence booster and inspiration to see that some of Leigh’s students have become successful full-time traders, and they plan on being with the Pit Trades for the long haul. Overall, it is a supportive group that cultivates the trading lifestyle along with trading.

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