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Category: Websites
Hello my name is David, welcome to my website. I started trading professionally in 2001 trading stocks, part of my trading involved a technique known as "Gapping", and I had a fairly large website with many people gapping stocks with me.
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An interesting way to trade oil
This is an interesting website that teaches you a unique way to trade crude futures. There are two systems that the owner sells. One is the Secret Code and the other is the Macro

Code. Basically, the two systems are indicatorless and based on temporal patterns.

The basic concept is to look at how crude behaves and take advantage of it. It's very similar to a sniper waiting for its target to reveal itself and then taking the shot when the time is right. I think the system is very cost-affordable compared to other systems out there. You can easily pay for the Secret Code course in a day and improve your percent profitability greatly.

I recommend the Secret Code course only. Once you know the Secret Code, you can easily figure out the Macro Code if you know how the crude market operates. If you don't know how crude operates, do some homework. The Secret Code is good for scalps while the Macro Code is good for big swings. The Macro Code is very hard to implement but if you can figure it out, you can make some big ticks. The Secret Code is mucher safer to do but you have to work harder to make the money and this can be psychologically frustrating in the long term. The two hardest things about the courses are optimizing your entries and the psychology. If you can master these two things, then it is possible to reach the level of success the owner claims. This is hard to do but will come with time and experience.

The negatives about these courses are that the videos are not professionally produced and

the owner spends more time showing off his trades or talking extraneous stuff rather than

teaching the systems. He definitely needs some tips from an Internet marketer. The other

negative is that the systems require some adjustment over time. Things in life do not

happen exactly all the time so you have to think of things in ranges rather than specific

points in time. When things change, you have to adjust or adapt.

For example, if a signal does not appear, you have to wait for the next one to appear. If

things come early or late, you have to take those trades at those exact moments or wait for

the next opportunity. Think of it like this. If you are waiting for a subway in New York

to arrive every morning, does the train arrive exactly on time? Are you always able to get

on the exact train every single day? How do you adjust for these things when things don't

go your way?

These systems can work during any session but they seem to work well during the Asian and European sessions. They also work very well during low volatile periods where most

indicator based systems fail. The owner mainly trades during these time periods because he lives near the West Coast and is more used to these time periods. He has some nice example videos on his website and they are pretty funny to watch too. These videos are a good representation of what to expect from his paid courses. Check them out. Overall, I give it 4.5 stars.

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This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials.com member and not of Investimonials LLC.

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