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Gorilla Trades

Category: Websites
Each night after the market closes, Gorilla Trades uses proprietary scanning software to screen over 6000 stocks to find the best stocks to present as GorillaPicks. Each stock pick is checked against the Gorilla's market-tested technical formula for explosive growth. Out of the entire batch of 6000, only the 1 or 2 best stocks - and sometimes none, flawlessly pass and can be certified as GorillaPicks. How GorillaPicks Are Selected
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Davy Jones!!! .......and trading.
I started their service via their trial period a little while ago and kept them for a few months before I stopped.

It is a silly name, which they of course mention on their site but once you step through that negative connotation, they have made some good predictions.

They have a good tutorial on how they pick their stocks on their site.

Using THEIR technical parameters they give trigger prices, with a confirmation price and stop loss. They also give 1st and 2nd target prices.

I stopped using their service because I wanted to be in control of MY OWN research to make money not on someone else's "unknown" system. I wanted to have my own working system.

Their service if good for other non-trading professionals that may not have the time to commit to researching and testing their own system.

One thing I didn't like was it took too many tries to unsubscribe from their advertising emails.

Wait, did I mention DAVY JONES!!!!! :)

Overall: Good but not for me.

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Krash Chicago, IL

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