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Trade With Kavan

Tradewithkavan.com  is an interactive environment that provides an active investors chat room complete with Live Screen Sharing, audio, Real Time News...
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Live trading chat room, online investing message board, and blog.
Based on 73 Total Reviews
Silverlight based free stock charting software.
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StockFetcher Standard
StockFetcher provides powerful stock filters, analysis, and pattern matching...
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brokeInvestor Chartgame.com
Surprisingly Addictive
The concept is so simple. You are given a stock chart of a real company but with no name or dates. As you step through the chart one day at a time you can choose whether to buy or sell your...
royskidorski CNBC
Timely news
I like the CNBC APP on my iphone, it provides timely news 24 hours a day, helps me prepare on my trading day. My mainstream financial media news source.
deadjim Investors Hub
Not sure what I think about this place
The best traders are very far and inbetween while the spammers and hypers run rampant. It is a good resource to discover why a particular stock is running but shouldn't be used for much more....