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Because getting started in affiliate marketing is so easy -- there is no big investment, and you have the freedom to choose how many or how few hours you work as well as when you work -- some new affiliate marketers have a tendency not to treat it as a business. Competition is tough today on the internet, though, and the internet isn't forgiving to people who don't continually update their websites with new content. Whether or not you post new content, you can bet your competition will. Google will notice there is nothing new on your site, and the Google spiders won't update your listing. Your competition will rise in the rankings, and your site will sink. I can hear you saying, "Ted, where is the freedom you were talking about if I have to stay glued to my computer!" You don't have to! There are plug-ins and apps that let you set up one, ten, or a hundred new posts and schedule their release so they drip out over a one-month, two-month, or ten-month period. To your loyal audience, it appears as though you never left! In addition to the personal risks covered earlier in this Article, the internet brings some additional risks that the new affiliate marketer should be aware of and avoid. The following sections have the scoop. On the internet you'll see lots of "gurus" selling "instant businesses." To hear them tell it, you just give them your money, and in a few minutes your website and business are completely set up and all you have to do is count the cash. But you need to think about a few issues: Ask yourself this: If it's that easy and that profitable, why is the "guru" selling these "instant businesses"? Why isn't he setting up these automatic cash-generating stores for himself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? We know we would if we discovered these automatic continuous money fountains. Be aware of the competition. Since "gurus" are trying to sell thousands of these "instant businesses," obviously they can't customize each and every one. So they are just pumping out thousands of instant businesses from the same cookie-cutter mold. What that means for you is lots of competition doing exactly what you are doing, using exactly the same tools, software, and format.


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