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If you want to know how to choose your pillow, remember one thing: when your head rests on the pillow, make sure that it is in the extension of the spine to create no cervical or dorsal tension. For this, choose the thickness of your pillow according to your build. If you have wide shoulders, go for a thick, 12-13cm thick model, especially if you sleep on your side. The pillow will fill the hollow of the neck and avoid compression at the shoulder. Conversely, for small size, narrow shoulders, the model must be thinner (8-9cm). Wave-shaped, this type of malouf pillow has a high part to wedge against the shoulders to accurately fill the hollow of the neck. It may be suitable for those who suffer from neck and back pain, or migraines upon waking. Available in 100% natural latex, derived from the sap of the rubber tree, or in memory foam version. This material is molded around the neck and head, like a modeling clay and returns to its original form when it is no longer under pressure! This helps to counteract the flattening effect (bad for cervical) of classic malouf pillows. If the ergodynamic is not used to give in the catastrophic, it must however emphasize the problems that result from the prolonged use of an inappropriate pillow. In addition to ligament and muscle tension caused by an inadequate pillow, it greatly influences the quality of sleep. In some cases, there may be disturbances of attention and alertness.


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