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Lance Spicer
Cronulla, NSW


Dear Investimonials Reader, I would not normally respond to comments made on review sites, I respect people’s rights to their opinion. However, it’s difficult to stand by and witness multiple entries of untruths, clearly from the same person. The ability of a person to continuously create new “personalities” and to be able to hide behind a “wall of anonymity” is very unfair and totally diminishes the usefulness and integrity of this site. I felt it important to reveal that this site allows this, so people can take into account that they may, in fact, not be getting an independent review but possibly a series of salacious and completely untrue comments from one disgruntled person. I wrote to the editor of Investimonials in regards to this issue but I have not had a response. Hence, I wanted to make it public, so you can decide. Here is the letter I sent in pretty much it’s original form: Dear Investimonials, My name is Lance Spicer and I am the CEO of the Trident Financial Group, which publishes Trident Confidential. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention the reviews on your site have been compromised. We see multiple reviews by, we believe, one person continuing to review as “multiple personalities”, as the terminology used is always much the same. We know the identity of this person. The ex-subscriber in question is from (location removed from this post), which may be confirmed by looking at the IP addresses of the posts made. We have requested previously that you check the IP addresses location to confirm these are from one individual, but we have had, as yet, no response from you – hence this letter. His “personalities” include LisaPotter, Jmoney, Arudd, SamanthaJones, Ashton and DickYork. These “personalities” have appeared in other forums and have used the same wording, often without variation and in some cases, using the exact same wording across the “personalities”. If you read the LisaPotter and Jmoney reviews, they are word for word copies. We believe this ex-subscriber has decided to destroy our good reputation by “online terrorism”, as we cancelled and refunded his subscription due to ongoing abuse of his subscription rights and then personal abuse and harassment of staff members. He was a subscriber for 2 years (yes, this person calling us a “scam” renewed his subscription after the first year) and has stated in posts in other forums that he actually made money until we cancelled his subscription, as “Arudd” slips up by stating, but is a statement by “Ashton” and “DickYork” in other forums. Whilst we welcome independent reviews, having one rogue person abusing your site to press an inaccurate and untruthful point of view is unreasonable. For example, “SamanthaJones” states I worked for Christopher Skase (a disgraced Australian CEO of the 1980’s)- No, I was a forensic accountant in 1990, tracking down Christopher Skase’s assets on behalf of the receivers, as stated in one of my books, hardly what you call working for him. Facts seem to have been conveniently ignored by this person. As you can see from reviewing the posts they follow a very similar theme, using the same term or a variation of it often; “Trident Confidential and Lance Spicer are a complete scam!!!”, or “complete and utter scam”. It is very disappointing to see your site abused in this way. We would like to request that these posts be removed or at least reduced to one post, as each person is entitled to. Possibly disallowing further posts from the same IP address might also stop them coming back with further outrageous and untrue claims. At this point, I would like to point out we are hardly a “scam”. We are a licensed financial company, established in 1994. We are fully licensed by the SEC equivalent in Australia, the ASIC, and our performance figures have been recently audited (November 2011) and approved by the ASIC (we can provide the ASIC approval if required), so the basis of these claims is 100% false. We are also registered and licensed mutual fund managers, so hardly how we are described. If you review our site and testimonials at www.tridentconfidential.com/testimonials.aspx you will have a better idea about us and the excellent relationship we have with our clients. All testimonials are genuine and we can provide original letters and emails for perusal. We have sought and gained permission to post each testimonial on our site from the subscriber. In addition, we have some subscribers who have volunteered to speak to/email prospective subscribers hesitant about joining. I can assure you personally if any Investimonials members join Trident Confidential and feel they have indeed been “scammed” or mislead in any way as “Lisa, Samantha, DickYork, Jmoney, Ashton and Arudd” claim they will be, then we are 100% obligated by law to refund their money, and we will do so. Thank you for your time and assistance. Regards, Lance Spicer


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