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I am the owner and moderator of the live trading chat room at GREATSTOCKPIX.COM. We have an amazing group of traders in our chat room and the teamwork in there is unprecedented. In the past, I have wasted too much time battling with reviewers on this testimonial site. I won't do that anymore. I may give a brief explanation of a reviewers motives, but I won't be battling back and forth over trivial matters.

If you have visited GREATSTOCKPIX.COM and you are interested in learning more about us I can assure you that letting testimonials (good or bad ones) sway your judgment may be a mistake. Consider the following course of action to help you make an informed decision about us.

Visit our YouTube Channel and watch our videos. We post daily highlights explaining our calls from the day. You will quickly see that our calls are low risk well planned entries and our methods are extremely defensive.

Type our website name into a search engine and see if you find any complaints at all from somebody who bought a month and hated it. Think about that. If you paid for a month of our service, and you got to our chat room and thought it was a ripoff and we were not calling low risk profitable trades like we highlight in our videos from each session, wouldn't you be filing complaints and blogging and contacting Paypal claiming the service was 'not as described'? Of course you would. You simply won't find any evidence of that because it doesn't happen. We have been online since 2004 so the complaints would be out there, wouldn't they?

As far as the few complaints on this site, I will do my best going forward (today is 7/28/2012) to explain the background/motivation behind the few people who 'have it in for me' without actually battling back and forth like I used to. What a petty waste of time that is.

Here is my guarantee: I promise if you try our chat room you will be alerted to profitable trades on a daily basis. You will be taught how to trade defensively. You will be taught to pay yourself along the way in parts once a trade is profitable and protect the rest of your position from becoming a losing trade. Everything we do is has a central theme of defensive trading.

Here is a live video of our chat room to show exactly what we do everyday.

After my wife and I both lost our fathers to cancer in April, 2013, I realize now that life is too short to waste any time dealing with mean people. There will always be cowardly haters who use the anonymity of the internet to try and bring others down. The 300 or so traders that show up in our chat room everyday know the truth. Our chat room has evolved over the years into the most unique thing I've ever witnessed in the trading field. A group of traders actually working together to spot profitable opportunities and share them with the group so others can benefit from the trade as well. I've never seen such teamwork and concern for others in this field. Most of you know how stock message boards are full of pumpers and bashers all trying to manipulate others. Our live trading chat room is the flip side of that. I am so proud to be a part of this unique trading community. I step into my office each morning knowing that we will not only make money together, but we will have fun doing it. Let me extend a huge THANK YOU to all the members at Greatstockpix.com! Rather than believe haters (there are always haters) CLICK HERE TO LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR SERVICE. We have a money back guarantee so you can listen to this guy or you can join us worry free and make money with us everyday.

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