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Recognia Software

Category: Software
Recognia offers an engaging suite of investment research products to quickly move investment decisions forward. Through a guided, interpreted experience, we build confidence and trust.
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Ok but not reliable
I have used recognia,its a free program offered by TRADEKING, its a stock screener that recognizes chart patterns etc etc and recommends entry and exit points.They have automatic email recommendations every end of trading day and the delivery is very timely. They have bullish and bearish recommendation. I have followed and traded the stocks as the program recommends and its not reliable. It recognize the stock patterns most of the time, but the entry and exit points most of the time are way off.

I got lucky few times just trading the software's recommendation alone and got good gains but most of the recommendations fail to perform what was recommended by the program.

I think the program is very good, but as far as using it on my trading decision ALONE is not smart thing to do.

I like the fact that the program is FREE, can be useful and can be a good tool if you add your own analysis to it.

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This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials.com member and not of Investimonials LLC.
Royskidorski puyallup, wa

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