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OmniTrader 2009

Category: Software
The only stock trading system software designed to help you Trade the Moves. By automating Technical Analysis, OmniTrader gives you the power to make decisions fast! No other software gives you real trading Signals with all of the...
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Good for the average investor
This is an average product for investors who use technical analysis while trading. I've used it before in the past and it's no magical buy or sell signal product. It can help you complement your reasoning to taking a trade and it works well with several data feed providers but it's not perfect. Also, this product seems to be a water down version of their Nirvana Club product. After you buy it, they will send you newsletters or emails enticing you to upgrade each year or join the Nirvana Club which supposedly has better results than the average Omnitrader product. The ARM technology in the Nirvana Club supposedly is a more up-to-date version of the ARM technology in the standard Omnitrader platform and supposedly increases the accuracy of signals. Overall, the product is okay but I think that they should just sell the Nirvana Club product at a discounted rate.

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