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Master the Gap

Category: Software
MasterTheGap.com is a membership site dedicated to helping traders use "probabilities" and not "possibilities" to profit from the opening gap. Whether you are a seasoned trader, or just learning to trade, the opening gap is perhaps the most compelling and important setup of the day. You can take profit out of the market, if you have the right tools and the right plan. Our unique Gap ZoneSM approach, coupled with our proprietary 'market mood' and seasonality filters, helps identify the highest profit expectancy gap fade setups while avoiding the most risky ones. As a member, you'll find a wealth of tools, research and support to help you develop, or augment, your own gap trading strategy.
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An important day trading strategy to learn
This is a great chat room and community to help you find the best gap trades and morning range trades when daytrading the stock index futures. They have developed a strategy that analyzes the important profit-making characteristics of opening gaps and morning ranges. I use the daily chat room service because it's great to have the author of this strategy trade his own money in front of you and explain what he's doing and thinking in every trade he takes, but you don't have to once you take the time to learn how their historically tested pattern recognition strategy works.(Sorry about the run-on sentence). There's also a great community of helpful traders in the chat room who will answer all your questions and call out their own trades using the strategy in real-time.

My own trading has improved significantly since I learned these new strategies which are all bracket trades with built-in stop loss and profit taking orders attached that I can set and forget. And this is not scalping either. Most of the trades have four point ES profit targets. And you can use your own discretion if you like to babysit your trades. There are three important decision times in the morning where you will either set up your bracket trades or not once you analyze the data the site generates based on the gap and the 15 minute and 60 minute candlestick patterns of the opening ranges in relation to previous days patterns and some other filters they use.(Sorry about the run-on sentence)

I like the education on the site and the community of traders to trade the markets with every day!

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