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Category: Software
Trading and investing is a news and research driven activity. Even the casual market participant gets into a position where a stock is in play and they need to learn about it fast. Many investors resort to stock message boards to get that done. While those message boards helped to liberate us from our stock brokers ten years ago, a reasonable investor might question their current value. Most boards are now loaded with nonsense-laden discussions where ill-informed investors often offer a poor analysis and some posters spread misinformation on purpose. Collective Stock believes there is a better way.
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Incredibly useful due diligence software! A++++
I know the the owner of this website. He's an incredibly nice guy and enjoys helping out by creating/programming tools. This website is home to his FREE (at the moment) Due Diligence Software. Where do I start on this software? I'll start with saying that I've used this software nearly every weekday for the last 7-9 months, or however long he first released the beta.

The software is basically described on his website:

"Collective Stock’s New Diligence software:

Acts as a search engine or News Finder for stocks that you wish to follow – the stocks are managed on a single list or by categories.

Provides a Quick Check feature that allows you to perform a query on stocks that get your attention – great for stocks that are “in play”

Provides a Research and due diligence database that allows you to track a companies development, record significant events, provide your own analytical notes and even publish a small but useful research report."

Basically, you can set up multiple sector lists, if you so choose, or hot stocks or even stocks that have your interest at one point in time that you'll know you'll forget about later, add notes, personal information regarding analysis, general notes, trading notes, etc and store it for easily accessible viewing. This tool has been incredibly useful to me because it allows me to remember every single junk stock or stocks I felt were good investment/trading opportunities (CIGX, BPMA, CYCC, ATHX, THLD, etc, etc) or has gotten my attention at one point at another. This is a godsend, believe me. My best trades have been on stocks that I had to watch for 6-12 months! How do you keep track of hundreds of stocks? Use this software!!

Each morning you can run the "check for stories" on the News Finder tab to see if your favorite stocks have any recent news. The article is then displayed DIRECTLY in the software and then takes you to a finance site to view the article. You can use this tool to run every hour or so during the trading day. You never know - it might aid in your ability to profit.

I would not recommend anything like this without sincerity. This review hopefully helps his website and tools get noticed -- All he asks in return is that you USE the software. Write about how/why you like the stock, why you think it may run in the future, and at the very least, thank him if you find it useful. The owner of collectivestock.com previously had plans to update the software so that everybody's research would become a collaborative effort. The problem is that it was used by only a small dedicated group of traders. There are other tidbits of information on his website. My theory is, if more people start hitting up his website and downloading the tool, he will have a good reason to continue adding features and improving it for everybody who uses it. Try it out -- add some stocks that you're watching, hit check for stories, and watch as the news articles pour in. Incredibly handy. Posting this review is probably the best way I can return the favor to the owner - So don't take this review lightly. Go there and try it out, at the very least.

5 stars


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Deadjim Little Rock, AR

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