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by [email protected]

Gati Packers and Movers

https://www.gati-packers-movers.com/nz/house-furniture-moving-companies.php https://www.gati-packers-movers.com/nz/house-furniture-moving-companies-christchurch.php https://www.gati-packers-movers.com/nz/house-furniture-moving-companies-wellington.php Full Review

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11 May 2020

Trading Tickers
by Retrobeast

Nothing Special

I have several trading accounts and suddenly they all have Jigsaw Trading doing a webinar for them. After watching two of them I can say that all they try to do is sell you an over priced product that is no better than any others out there. Save your time and money and ignore them. Full Review

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25 February 2020

Jigsaw Trading
by PatmanTrader

Day trader paradise

After my difficult experience trying to get things going with eTrade for futures, I decided to go to someone that specialized. I'm happy with eTrade, but they really don't seem to want futures business. I first went to Interactive Brokers after receiving a mailer, but I had a real hard time trying to figure out the total costs, since I trade about 50-100 index a day and with the tier and all I had a hard time. I applied anyways, but the account never got opened due to a bunch of complications. I heard Generic Trade has servers at the exchange and has good fees. After going to the site, I... Full Review

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26 November 2019

Generic Trade
by OnTheBeach

Good value, But Penny Stocks so Risky

The site is good value if you hit a winner, the problem is penny stocks are like a lottery ticket. You will only hit maybe 1 out of 5 or 1 out of 10 at best. So invest at your own risk. Full Review

Overall Rating  

29 August 2019

Buy Sell Short
by OnTheBeach

Fruitful Alerts

All the advice and trade alerts I have received have been spot on. A portion of the time this service is bearish, but a majority of the time they are long, using credit spreads. I have no complaints after one year of service so I thought I would take the time to write a positive for these guys. As far as specifics, the trades are bullish or bearish credit spreads, and they also include analysis of each trade each month. And that part is helpful because it usually confirms my own opinion of where I think the market is going short-term. Good all-around supplement to my investing. Full Review

Overall Rating  

by OnTheBeach

Pretty Good Info

I was happy with this service. Alerts were timely and most importantly, seemed like this guy knows what he is doing. Stock market stuff was all relevant and helpful. Full Review

Overall Rating  

by JasonW

A gem of a service!

I've tried numerous online advisories and 10PPM is the best. Others have multiple trades which turn out to be a commission generator whereas 10PPM has just a few quality trades each month. Sometimes the markets have trading opportunities for the service to open additional trades. This doesn't happen all the time but it's great to see that they change their strategy when the market environment changes too. My portfolio doubled after about 18 months. I have since taken out my initial investment and am happily watching my portfolio grow without any worry of losing my initial amount. Defnitely a... Full Review

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23 June 2018

by PJoel


This service is a complete con. Results were bad enough (and fabricated) in a bull market with no volatility buying only calls. It's much worse now! The founder is not a trader nor does he know how to trade. He is a salesman. This service is a complete con. Full Review

Overall Rating  

by PipProfessor

Indicators That Live Up to the Hype...

I was really pleased that these issue signals in real-time and never repaint. It has made a huge difference for my trading. The problem with most technical indicators is they are retrospective and only valuable "after the fact". Trading is much easier with these indicators because they lead the market and predict what price is about to do. These guys know their stuff and these tools prove it. The Elite package includes a lot of indicators, I think a dozen or so. I found the reversal indicators surprisingly accurate - at times they will actually plot reversal signals before any indication... Full Review

Overall Rating  

by Smart

1option is the best! Following it for 10 years

I have been following this website for about 10 years. I cannot stop reading the daily market updates. They are the most intuitive and relevant ones I have ever found. There is no doubt to me that Pete’s services are of highest quality because he has gone a long way by researching the markets. I can say that his overall read of the economy and trends is more than 95% correct. His short term predictions are also mostly correct except occasionally which he is a very quick to update his research and strategy accordingly. If you follow his recent (2018) daily comments, it was so awesome that he... Full Review

Overall Rating  

26 February 2018

1 Option
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