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Tired of trading random tickers like a jerk? 


There are thousands of stocks out there. Trying to narrow them down to a manageable watchlist while maintaining your sanity is just about impossible. Happily, technology can help...


If you’re ready to up your stock screening game, StocksToTrade might be just the platform for you. 


As the name implies, it’s a one-stop-shop featuring all the tools traders need to locate promising trades. It’s got advanced and highly customizable charting and screening software, news feeds, proprietary algorithms, and plenty of nifty add-ons. 


Plus, they’ve got a killer $7 intro special. Here’s everything you need to know...

LINK: StocksToTrade

What We Like … and Some Important Considerations

What We Like

  • Cheap intro offer 

  • Super-fast level 1 data (option to add level 2)

  • Highly customizable charting software 

  • Dashboard including links to news, social media mentions, and SEC filings/fundamentals

  • Built-in stock scans created by prominent traders 

  • Countless options for creating custom stock scans based on your criteria

  • Easy broker integration 

  • Add-ons including Breaking News chat and Oracle Daily Direction alerts

Important Considerations

  • There may be a learning curve for newbies

  • May run slow on laptops and computers with less-powerful processors

  • Android app still pending 

Our Full Review

StocksToTrade has plenty of appealing features for new and established traders alike.


It's an all-in-one platform featuring real-time data, stock charts, and powerful stock screening software. 


Traders can easily filter down the thousands of stocks out there into a manageable watchlist using STT’s impressive screening software. 


Depending on your knowledge level and preferences, you can choose from built-in stock scans designed by prominent traders. Or you can design your own based on your personal trading criteria. 


Enter any ticker in the search bar and you’ll immediately pull up an action-packed dashboard with relevant information for the ticker in question, including news, fundamentals/SEC filings, and even social media mentions.  


View customizable charts in a variety of styles, time frames, and with a variety of indicators of your choosing.  


For traders who aren’t yet ready to take the plunge trading with real money, STT has a realistic paper trading program that allows for the look and feel of real trading — but without putting cash on the line. 


The platform features fast Level 1 data with the option to add Level 2. 


There are also additional features that can be added to your subscription, including Oracle Daily Direction alerts from STT’s proprietary algorithmic trading program. There’s also Breaking News Chat, a specific news feed for traders that sends alerts about potential news catalysts that could move stocks. And you can pick up additional services for educational alerts.


With easy broker integration or the ability to sign up with STT’s broker partner Tradier, it’s simple to keep all of your trading needs on one single platform. 


StocksToTrade’s generous intro special makes it easy to give the system a test drive. You can try it for 14 days for just $7 — one of the best deals around. 


From there, you can upgrade to a monthly subscription for $179.95 per month or a yearly subscription for $1,899.50 (a $250 savings over paying month to month).

The Good

There’s a lot to love about StocksToTrade.


Awesome intro special: With an intro deal of $7 for 14 days, it’s easy to try the platform before you commit to a subscription. 


No-cost educational content: StocksToTrade offers a ton of no-cost educational content including frequent blog posts, a robust YouTube library, and a daily Pre-Market Prep session every weekday at 8:30 a.m. on Instagram Live. 


Low-cost educational content: STT subscribers can also sign up for the SteadyTrade Team, an educational /mentorship program led by the platform’s lead trainer, Tim Bohen.


Designed with traders in mind: StocksToTrade was designed for traders by traders. It shows through in details like social media news links and built-in scans designed by traders. 


Advanced charting software: Customization is the name of the game — you’ll find multiple chart types, time frames, indicators a-plenty, the ability to draw/write on the chart. Plus, you can save charts to keep on file.


Highly customizable scans: You can choose from pre-built scans or create your own scans to find the stocks that fit your specific criteria.


Focus on low-priced stocks: Unlike many other platforms, StocksToTrade has a lot of tools specifically designed for penny stock traders. 


Paper trading: STT’s realistic paper trading program lets traders try new strategies or test different styles before trading with real money. 


Easy broker integration: In a few minutes, you can integrate most brokers with StocksToTrade, or sign up with their broker partner. 


Helpful add-ons: Optional add-ons like Oracle Daily Direction alerts and the Breaking News chat tool can help give traders an edge.


Great customer service: Problem with the platform? Happily, it’s easy to reach a human being if you have questions or need help troubleshooting.

The Bad

No platform’s perfect. Here are some things to keep in mind with STT…


There’s a learning curve. To newbies, the advanced tools and lingo featured on the platform might be intimidating. However, an extensive library of blog posts and videos explaining the platform’s features may help speed up the learning curve for new traders.


It could create tech slowdowns. StocksToTrade is a powerful platform — and it requires a lot of processing energy. For traders with top-notch setups, it typically won’t cause problems. However, traders working on less advanced setups or laptops with slower processors may experience slowdowns when running the software. 


The Android app isn’t out yet. While the StocksToTrade app is available for iOS, the Android app has yet to be released. So if you’re an Android user, you’ll have to be patient for just a little while longer...

The Final Word...

StocksToTrade is a powerful trading platform that’s accessible to newbies and experienced traders alike. 


It’s got everything traders could possibly hope for in a single platform — modern charting, advanced screening software, and plenty of opportunities to customize. 


If the intro special and killer customer service don’t draw you in, the platform certainly will. StocksToTrade is stocked with all of the tools traders need to locate, filter down, and research the best stocks to fit their strategies. 

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