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Triforce Trader

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My name is Matthew Owens, I’m 25 years old. I’m a full time Stock Trader, Tutor, Gym Trainer, and Video Production Maker/Editor. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a double bachelors. One in Psychology and one in German. Currently I’m in my Master Program for Forensic Psychology at the University of North Dakota. In this website, you will find my trade ideas, as well as, my own personal philosophies, videos and much much more. I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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Unbelievably Amazing!!!
I thought about join his chat room for a very very long time, but did not really do so(you can't blame me, many chat rooms are just scams). I finally joined a couple days ago. And then I saw his watch list, I was like WOW. His service is not like any other chat room(which is really nonsense) out there. He listed out all his researches and probabilities for certain days of future moves. He also expresses his thoughts of 7 futures on every day's watch list, from technical side and macro side. The probabilities are very specific, not like other places that guru just call out this is likely happen, it may go up that kind of nonsense.

I took one of his seasonal trade the day after I join, and I make at least 900 dollar(have not close the position, but set a stop at a level that I will have at least 900 dollars profit) for one overnight. (I know this comment will draw people's attention because most people just want quick money,lmao).

I am so surprised there's no review here. Then I thought about it. I think his data kind of scare many people away, since math gives a lot people headache. But serious guys, there is no easy money in the world. You won't make money if you are not willing to study. His quantitative approach to trading is way more reliable to technical, and better timing than fundamentals. And it is taking the emotion(which is mostly harmful during a trade) And if you put time in, you will understand all those data eventually. He also has a few really nice people in the chat room can help you out, for example, mindful trader.

His philosophy is also helpful in my trading in equity in certain way. I feel I am more patient with my trades after I listened to his trading approach. In short, this is a gem, you can decide whether you want it or not.

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