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The Gold Report

Category: Newsletters

Tom O'Brien's weekly newsletter, "The Gold Report" gives traders, investors and money managers a thorough strategy for trading in the gold market. It will provide you with Tom O'Brien's commentary, opinion and specific recommendations on gold, silver, and the XAU. Tom will also incorporate fundamental analysis on all the world gold markets and Central Banks. Using advanced Fibonacci methods, volume indicators, candlestick charting, gaps, and market timing, The Gold Report will give you specific trade suggestions and follow up on them. The service is transmitted every Monday via e-mail, and is available online. There will be no refunds once newsletter orders are processed. Any order submitted before Monday at 9:00 AM EST will be processed and begin that week, after 9:00AM EST the subscription will not begin until the following Monday. This subscription based service will be automatically renewed.

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Excellent Resource
Tom has a very, very good understanding of the metals market and the companies; gold, copper, silver, platinum, etc. While he's long term bullish on gold, he knows there are deep pullbacks and he sets you up well to grab them.

I have seen him make some very good calls in this area. His "Timing The Trade" approach works well in the metals because you're buying off retracements and swing point tests that can set up some big upside moves off lower levels vs. getting killed trying to buy breakouts.

When I was a subscriber to The Gold Report in 2006-2007 I found it to be excellent. I only stopped because I felt it got a bit expensive and I had developed myself to be self-sufficient in my picks and analysis.

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ShiraKashi New Bremen, OH

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