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Anything Free is Good , Right ? Err......
Don't get me wrong. Free newsletters about stocks or dividends oor whatever are great and this is very smart of this company. The problem is that so far (after receiving several free newsletters) I feel the accuracy of what they report, the constant pushes and prodding to join for free for 30 days or for $1 find out the stock that will make you rich etc, are just plain annoying and not worth anything than the basic ideas the newsletters give out.

If you are new to stocks they contain some good ideas, faq's, and stock picks though I cant seem to find any consensus on the many stocks they advocate to buy and perhaps it is because I am a novie/intermediate in the market that I dont understand how they actually go about picking stocks and feel let down by any advice I have so far received from them. A bummer for sure, but if your new, these can be useful tools to start off with.

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JXLOT Rockville Centre, New York

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