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Pennystocking Pro

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Includes All of PennyStocking Gold PLUS: 2 hours of monthly private telephone coaching chat with Tim via IM during the trading day special events access



Disclaimer: Timothy Sykes is founder of investimonials.com


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Open Full-time Positions! Unlimited Earning Potential!
Open Full-time Positions! Unlimited Earning Potential!

“The worse a situation becomes the less it takes to turn it around, the bigger the upside.” ~ George Soros

Boldness, patience, ability to recognize opportunities and willingness to take action these are essential traits of a successful trader. Any one point in your career you may possess the knowledge but not the wisdom or you may possess wisdom but not the knowledge.

What if all of a sudden you had the opportunity to form a partnership with someone with more than a decade of experience that is just the right combination of knowledge and wisdom and you didn't even have to to sign away half your company rights to attain it?

Ability to trade an academically proven stock trading methodology comes to you at the same price of one college course at an established private university – is it too expensive? It is if you are in the habit of skipping class but frankly it is more than worth it if you are out to get your monies worth and see the payoff immediately.

If you sign up for this service and follow it for one quarter, yes you will most likely be investing for your future for the first 4 months however after those 4 months you would simply be paying for a consultant expense out of your business because there is no reason on earth for anyone to not be profitable within this partnership after the first 4 months! Most businesses take 5 years to get on their feet and most traders take about a decade to become consistently and professionally successful at trading. Probably about 2-5% of people who attempt to trade will go on and make a successful career out of it while the remaining 95-98% will just be paying out of their salaries to rejoice the success of this 2-5% unwillingly but they will regardless.

If you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur, the skills outlined in the first paragraph will always be your motto! Reason most of us don't is because we are a society of dream killers, nay sayers, do nots and consequently have nots. Challenge yourself and get out there and get it done – let tomorrow be the first day of the remainder of your life where for a change you pursue your own dreams and recognize money as a a tool to support you and not your biggest barrier.

This service is your chance to take on a full business franchise basically and it allows even your left shoe to make money! You can do – yes you can because so long as greed is the sole primary driver for our society which it will be – you might as well get your piece of the pie and support what you believe in because no one is rich enough to avoid politics. No one is rich enough to fulfill someone elses dream and put their hard earned dollars in their bosses pocket! Take charge of your life by first respecting money and making your money bring more for you!

This service has done just that for me and I recommend anyone looking for a fresh start to consider this with the utmost do-or-die attitude and reap what they deserve out of the capital landscape of today's world!

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This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials.com member and not of Investimonials LLC.
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