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PayTrading can be referred to generically as rigidly timed upgrade trading for short-term gain in a long-term construct based on the historical tendency of fundamentally qualified, upgraded stocks to present relative lows at a specific time in the trading day. In simpler terms, it is a new kind of day trading that incorporates the safety of value investing.
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just too basic
This site is owned by an artist that trades on his spare time. I found this site to be too basic. Membership is affordable and fair. There are no email alerts. You're expected to login and check the website during market hours to look for signals. He basically uses a simple system where he focuses on upgrades. His system can be found here: http://www.paytrading.com/paytrading/whatispt.htm . This system may help long term investors or perma-bulls depending on the trend of the market. If you're looking for short term trades, you might want to be contrarian.

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