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Agora Financial: Resource Trader Alert

Category: Newsletters
That’s right — you can make money whether prices are going up or down. And Resource Trader Alert editor Alan Knuckman will show you how.
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Auto-Trade Commoddit
I set this account up to auto-trade through danielstrading. The broker follows the recommendations of the newsletter as soon as they are given. Under the previous editor (Kevin Kerr) I had wins and losses, with the financial mess it ultimately led to my 7k starting point falling to 1500. I sat out on trades for a while, the new editor (Alan) came in and started doing quite well and I missed those trades. Some sugar calls I doubled up on while low (my decision) came back and did quite well - back to trading now and back to 6500. We'll see how she goes from here. Probably better to trade 2 lots (I do 1) and fund this thing with more cash, but I can't afford that. Tough market but Alan seems to be pretty good. Big risk/reward service so be honest with yourself about that and don't look at your account every day!

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Sickmint79 third lake, il

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