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Agora Financial: Master FX Options Trader

Category: Newsletters
Today Bill shares that information with his readers, pinpointing currencies set to make big moves. The advice he offers is simple and easy to follow. In fact, you may be able to follow his recommendations with the stock broker you already use.
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Doing me well
The editor ran a short lived forex trading service where e-mail alerts were sent and you had to make currency trades within about 15 minutes. I did 10% in a month with it and enjoyed it a lot, although it was apparently a little too fast for most Agora subscribers and was discontinued. It was however replaced with this options service, which does all options on currencies. When it initially started we were doing extremely well, since then going has been more difficult and their have been both gains and losses. It is still one of only two of the Agora services where I actually try to participate in ever recommendation.

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Sickmint79 third lake, il

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