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Agora Financial: Lifetime Income Report

Category: Newsletters
To help you separate the good income opportunities from the wastes of money, we created Lifetime Income Report. Using a seven-point filtering strategy, editor Jim Nelson specializes in finding companies that are well-established, well-positioned...
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Good Income Product
This is another great Agora product on the low end of the price range. It focuses on dividend paying investments and it's a bonus if you score some growth too. It looks over safe(r) domestic investments as well as multinational or foreign companies that look like solid buys. I think it is a pretty nice product for dividends or a self-directed IRA. It was just started this year and the market has mostly been rallying, nonetheless I think the logic that goes into the picks and the picks are pretty good. Every pick in the portfolio is currently up double digits except for one. I am pleased with it.

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Sickmint79 third lake, il

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