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Agora Financial: Financial Reserve

Category: Newsletters
The Agora Financial Reserve is your ticket to the most comprehensive investment analysis and recommendations available — all for one ultra-low price.
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Good Investment
You can pick and choose a newsletter here or there, after a couple of years the more expensive ones add up quickly and the smaller ones may if you stick with them. I like Agora overall because I share similar libertarian political views and Austrian school flavored economic views. It was a hefty investment but I subscribed to be a lifetime member of the Agora Financial Reserve. Being young I think this will be worth the many years left of my investing life across the many products they have available. The AFR gives you access to all investing letters save two, so you can pick how you want to play and there are many options. There is a yearly maintenance fee of $150, whether you choose to have newsletters mailed to you or not. (I do e-mail.) Being part of the AFR means you get access to new products as well. Also free attendance to the annual investment symposium, currently in Vancouver. Haven't attended yet but would like to, Jim Rogers was a keynote speaker last year!

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Sickmint79 third lake, il

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