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Agora Financial: Energy & Scarcity Investor

Category: Newsletters
The recommendations you’ll read about in Energy & Scarcity Investor aren’t your typical mining and energy stocks. Byron focuses on companies on the cutting edge of resource development — like tiny miners pulling raw materials from remote locales…
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Good Sector Play
If you're looking for a newsletter looking to take advantage of peak everything with a focus on oil/energy/rare earth metals then this may be the newsletter for you. The editor does an excellent job building his case and like all Agora products will tell you a buy-up-to price and when to exit. Note that he will occasionally make investments outside of the normal markets (like an Australian ticker) but most of the stuff can be bought in the US. The current portfolio is up or down depending on the area you're looking at; his PM and oil picks are doing pretty good (double digit gains) while some geothermal ones are hurting. I think the geothermal story is good as well as these companies, possibly too early to jump in when recommened or maybe the US geothermal companies of tomorrow don't exist yet today. As far as this sector goes I like this product. Would score higher if current portfolio was faring market better; analysis is good.

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Sickmint79 third lake, il

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