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Agora Financial: Bulletin Board Elite

Category: Newsletters
Bulletin Board Elite is the only investment letter committed to bringing disciplined valuation, high-level due diligence and critical analysis to the world of true penny stocks.
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This service is for trading bulletin board and over the counter stocks, make sure you can trade them on your brokerage. The bigger gains seem to be in the editor's ability to pick a stock that eventually gets listed on to one of the broader normal exchanges. This product does not come with the Agora Financial Reserve product because volumes are so low. I do not trade this product currently but do get the newsletter. In a better market it probably does very well, however with the volatility of the current market and the type of companies these are it is not performing as a winner. The portfolio is hurting pretty badly now in both open and closed positions. The analysis is good and I view this as not a problem with the editor but with the difficulty of investing in these types of companies and their ability to prosper in the current environment. Will re-review if things turn around.

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Sickmint79 third lake, il

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