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Agora Financial: Breakthrough Technology Alert

Category: Newsletters
To find your chance for the biggest gains, you need a guide who understands these technologies and can analyze a company’s strength. And you couldn’t ask for a better guide than Patrick Cox.
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This newsletter tries to identify what companies are up and coming in the world, who's got the latest big breakthroughs and whose stocks are going to explode and products transform the world. The newsletters are always very interesting. The stocks are a mix of technology or pharma, more often leaning towards the latter. current performance is pretty mixed; i'm holding the largest triple digit gainer, there have been a few. the mix is composed mostly of double digit losses and gains, i'll say the pharma side is producing most of the gains right now. For the type of companies this newsletter is covering I think it's doing a good job in the current market.

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Sickmint79 third lake, il

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