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Category: Newsletters
ActivePennyStock.com is a team of three guys who love the stock market and have come together to pool their knowledge of trading cheap stocks on the NASDAQ small cap, OTCBB and Pink Sheet markets. We provide our readers with updated news, research, investing ideas, trend analysis and awesome penny stock picks. The purpose of ActivePennyStock.com is to provide our viewership a better understanding of the stock market, of potential profitable opportunities, as well as to report on recent developments and their impacts on investment decisions.
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Not so frequent stock picks, but so far good!
Activepennystock.com doesn't come out with stock picks frequently but the last two I followed, BRWC and PWEI were excellent. I'm currently in NWTR, which I got in at $0.75 last week and it's now at $0.94 as of this writing and has been going up almost every day since their alert. The original alert is here, FYI: http://www.activepennystock.com/my-new-penny-stocks-pick-nwtr/

I liked that they mentioned it was a multi-day hold as opposed to a flash in the pan momo play, which is common of most stock picks (penny stocks) newsletters I follow.

Will be following ActivePennystock more closely to see if they can continue their winning streak.

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This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials.com member and not of Investimonials LLC.
CharlotteC Miami, FL

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