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Active Investor

Category: Newsletters

We focus on high probability strategies that generate consistent returns in all market conditions. Each position is carefully designed to have a high winning percentage which allows us to manage any trades in jeopardy very defensively. For our option systems we primarily use credit spreads to take a neutral stance to price movement and benefit from option time decay. Our stock picks are based on key technical indicators that have proven their reliability over time. We scan over 500 stocks a week to find only the best opportunities available.

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Active Investor is a no nonsense service with great quality.
This is quality newsletter with solid results and absolutely no hype. You won't get a bunch of opinions and other hoopla with this service. The focus is almost 100% on the trades which is fine by me! They specialize in high percentage option strategies and definitely no what their doing. I've signed on with some careless spread services that really let losses get out of hand. This service is almost more protective than I like by times, but I'm glad they error on the side of caution. I've had great success with their monthly strategy over the last year and their weekly system appears to be even better, although I haven't tried it out yet. The communication is fantastic. I usually get a response to any questions the same day. Overall a very good service.

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