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1 Option: The Daily Report

Category: Newsletters
The Daily Report –Every trading day I spend hours searching, filtering and analyzing stocks until I find my best long and my best short of the day. Then, I publish a detailed research report filled with technical and fundamental analysis 30 minutes before the close. The picks are added to a dynamic table that updates every 5 minutes. It ranks the stocks in our watchlist and you can instantly spot the best trades. The report also includes daily market commentary and a suggested options trading strategy for each new pick. My market analysis is accurate and I will keep you on the right side of the action.
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The product gives one the edge they need in placing Options
The Founder, Peter Stolcers, is simply, outstanding at what he does. He has a wealth of experience trading options and so many of his ideas and suggestions make very good sense. The Daily Report in conjuction with The Live Update Table, which also comes with the subscription, is a phenominal product. The user gets Pete's expert market analysis every day on the Global Economy and what are the Drivers behind market direction. This analysis is vital before even contemplating your first trade. His market commentary is quite accurate and will really come in handy when trying to navigate through the storminess, as well as the bullish times. Pete offers two trade prospects every day (a Bull and a Bear of the day). When viewed on the live update table, the stock symbols that are bubbling to the top of the table are the ones to focus on when deciding on the market direction. I have enjoyed this product so much over the past couple of years that I would recommend it to anyone. Without it, for the average trader, it is like trading "blind".

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This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials.com member and not of Investimonials LLC.
TraderInvader Flemington, NJ

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