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Category: DVDs

Learn from two proven experts as they teach you everything you need to know about this sector. This comprehensive book & DVD package includes over 12 hours of instructional content, a 250 page instruction manual & a 300 page book teaching both conservative and aggressive trading & investing methods.

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New Biotech Traders Guide To Success
The material is an absolute must for new traders. It answers a lot of questions newbies may have about the run up method and gives a good understanding of how previous plays can/will effect future plays. It contributes to helping develope an individual style of trading and getting a feel for one's own risk tolerances. I got a really good picture of the different strategies Mark and Mike have and why they've chosen them. I've learned some of the biotech trading pit falls (ie...stop losses, bear raids, FDA delays, sell the news) and now I'll be aware when those events happen. This investment will pay for itself over and over again in the future. My point of emphasis now will be Options. I'll be going over that section until I fully understand it, execute an options trade and become totally comfy with it. Having said that, I dont understand people who will not invest in themselves. I call it "tripping over the pennies getting to the dollars" because people wont spend a penny to learn to make a dollar.

When I became a BRU sub, I didnt sign up and just jump in and blindly trade ( learned the hard way ), I did everything Mark advised in the introductory email. I stuck to the Catalyst Roadmap and member forum, watched the Twitter calls, went through the FDA calendar, viewed the webinars (taking notes) and spent almost 2 months getting familiar with the site and the process. Did I miss some plays? Probably. But missed money is better than lost money. The point is, now I'm totally comfortable with my share sizes ( 1k vs 5k), my entry and exit prices, how to play it when companies dilute and my long positions in a down market (what's keeping my share prices up). I have no complaints and no doubt my portfolio will increase substantially over time.

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