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$pread the Wealth Trading Iron Condors + PDF Workbook

Category: DVDs
Join Dr. John White as he introduces you into his exciting world of trading spreads! In this class Dr. John introduces the best way to trade an Iron Condor, an advanced options strategy for traders who want to make consistent profit with limited...
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Not worth time or $
Let me start with saying how boring this DVD set was. John constantly repeats himself, every sentence. It's like Mr. Mackey on South Park kind of. Do not watch it if you have a bad attention span.

In terms of the content, this video starts from the very basic of how options work, then goes all the way through so you get to see how an actual iron condor trade will go. It is great for beginners, but not worth watching hours upon hours if you already know most of it.

And this video moves sloooow. You can read a beginners book on options in a half hour, why watch hours upon hours of slow moving video content to learn the same thing?

Value wise, this is absolutely not worth it. You can get most of the info in books or online. The only thing unique about this video is that he says you should leave 50 points of a buffer for your strike prices and the price of the index. Hours upon hours of viewing left me with that one nugget of advice. Now you don't have to.

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