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Market Mastery

Category: DVDs
You’ll learn four separate trading methods that work great by themselves, but take on a “synergistic” quality when traded together. All the methods are taught via “screen capture” videos over 13 CD-ROMs.
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Independent til the End!
I'm shocked more people have not written a review here for this product…hopefully this primes the pump!

I have had this system since June 2010. Went live in July and have averaged over 13% per month (without a sweat) through November using just the Method 1 Uptrend. I continue to extensively paper trade allowing me to exercise the methods and strategies so they become second nature.

To me, the most important thing I learned from this program is how to be an independent trader. I never have to wait for the morning watchlist or alerts to come through so that I can get into a trade, or enter into a trade because some guy or girl on Twitter that I may follow is getting into a trade. I create my own watchlist the night before, analyze each stock's chart, and prepare my orders for the next day should there be something that appears to be a higher probability, lower risk trade...and assuming my bankroll is not already committed!

This program showed me how to enter into a trade, when to enter into a trade, how to manage the trade, and how to exit the trade...most importantly - risk management! Some of you more experienced and seasoned pros will laugh at my last statement, but for a once recreational/novice trader, these were all hurdles for me.

I use this program strictly as an end-of-day swing trading tool. I believe it can be applied in an intraday format. There are 4 methods that are taught, with the opportunity to go long and/or short for each method – yielding 8 different trading tools/strategies. The key to the effectiveness of these strategies are the scans. They recommend TeleChart for the programming of the codes and scanning, but they are adaptable to other charting software packages. TeleChart seems to be very strong and plays nice with the codes that were developed for this program. I use Thinkorswim and have found that there are some conflicts from time to time, but nothing that prevents me from trading confidently and successfully.

As with anything, not every pick is a winner…this is not a “holy grail” system. This is where the risk management and expectancy rate lessons really take it to the next level. You may have 7 out of 10 trades that you got stopped-out on, but only for a small loss, and your 3 winners ran for some nice gains. Sure your 7 loser picks don’t make you feel so good, but you kept your exposure to a minimum and were able to recognize that the initial premise of the trade is now over and it’s time to get out. That’s it – no emotion…no mental stops…it’s over – move on to the next one.

I still follow many on Twitter, probably too many, but the trading environment that exists today allows those of us less experienced traders to really compress our learning time. The abundance of resources at our fingertips is unfathomable. This trading system allows me to confidently find and enter into positions with a great deal of confidence, thus allowing me to focus on furthering my trading education. I’m finding out that there’s more to this game than just being a good trader!

I hope others will chime-in or find this review helpful. It will change your world…it sure has changed mine.

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This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials.com member and not of Investimonials LLC.
Rgrbic Shelby Twp, MI

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