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Trader975 PennyStocking DVD
Needs to work on teaching
Tim knows his stuff , he's a pretty good trader and his returns prove it , no doubt about that , but as a teacher , he probably needs to learn more about teaching , but i don't blame him...
Relaaax PennyStocking DVD
Very Good Intro
After the first minutes of viewing the DVD, I thought it was too basic. But that's what makes it a great starter DVD to pennystocks. It's a no brainer, straight to the facts video and cuts...
SRSBZN TIMfundamentals Part Deux
Good Learning, Bad Presentation.
Ok, I have offically finished my first TIM product and here is my review. Ill go with the bad first: [RANT]HOLY CRAP! Whoever filmed/edited this made me want to punch small babies. I...