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mdwagner PennyStocking DVD
Basic but good
This is the original DVD by Tim Sykes. Very basic, very good. If you are new to trading, and want to understand the stock market in general, and where Tim is coming from, buy this one. The...
thomasc PennyStocking Part Deux
Pennystocking on Red Bull
One could complain or one could give praise. I'm bad at choosing, so here's a bit of both. As stated, Tim was likely running off of Red Bull more than food, sleep, or oxygen, but he's a busy...
Reaper Learn Level 2 DVD
Rehashes Sykes' other DVDs; has too...
See the bottom of this review for some important notes. Conclusion: This is a pretty decent trading DVD but there is not nearly enough video of Level 2 in action. As someone who has plenty...