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magnumware TIMfundamentals Part Deux
Who says sequal has to be worst?!
I've watched number of Tim's DVDs and I have to say this is my favorite DVD because it goes over my biggest difficulty in doing my research overnight for stocks to follow. Although, alot of...
kblehman Pennystocking Framework DVD
Lengthy DVD with hit & miss information
This Tim Sykes DVD set covers his 4th annual conference. It was recorded in Las Vegas (2011 I think) and is 15 hours in length. Tim's strategy obviously works, but this DVD set is a bit of a...
royskidorski A Beginner's Guide to Short Selling with Toni Turner
entertaining and educational
Toni turner has always been one of my favorite teacher, read her books and it helped me become a better trader. her teaching is simple yet very effective.